15 Accounting Payment Terms and How to Use Them

Net Payment – “Net 7”

So if goods were delivered on a Monday, but the invoice wasn’t sent until the following Wednesday, the customer has 30 calendar days from that Wednesday to send payment. While it’s a good idea to offer credit as an incentive to get a new customer it’s not a good idea to offer longer payment terms to everyone. Consider that unexpected things happen and you don’t want to compromise your cash flow because of longer payment terms. In this example if the amount due is paid in 15 days, instead of the standard 30, the customer Net Payment – “Net 7” will receive a 2% discount. Most businesses insist on net 30 because this gives them a 30 day window to enjoy the benefits of your services without having to part with their money which benefits their cash flow. The invoice will also show what the payment term is and the due date for the payment, which is the date on which the invoice is generated + no. of days set as payment terms. When net D is enabled, the payment term chosen is applied to only new customer records created with auto-collection off, from then on.

How do you write payment terms on an invoice?

Using automated invoicing software like Moon Invoice, you can easily add your desired payment terms to the invoice.

The Net D terms specify that the seller expects to receive the payment within a specified number of days after the service has been activated or product has been dispatched. Your company probably has a very strong credit score and negotiating power or participates in an industry traditionally offering net terms of 90 days. Seller alternatives to using net 90 credit terms may be payable in advance or COD , short-term net 7, net 10, net 15, net 30, 1/10 net 30, 2/10 net 30, net 45, or net 60. The number after net represents the number of days to pay an invoice in full. Net 30 could mean 30 days after the sale, 30 days after delivery, or 30 days after the invoice. Payment terms are usually included on an invoice as an abbreviation.


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Perhaps the unwillingness from new clients to accept these terms is a sign of what to expect, and you can be saving yourself the trouble. Smaller businesses and freelancers can’t afford to wait until this works itself out and can end up with more problems in the long run. You picked one with “.NET Framework” in its name, gives you the legacy framework choices. If you are invoicing larger amounts you could break https://online-accounting.net/ them down into smaller chunks over the course of the project. But that’s almost too idealistic… so it would be best to accommodate your net terms on a client basis depending on the relationship you’ve established. Although it seems logical and most beneficial to your cash flow it won’t fly in the real world. Once Payment Terms is enabled, invoices will be created in Posted status for Active subscriptions.

What do Net 30 Payment Terms mean?

However, the terms can also take effect on the day that the client purchases products or services. It is important to generate your invoice as soon as the order is delivered as opposed to waiting for the supplier to start chasing for the payment. Having a defined billing date along with a fixed payment due date is helpful for your clients to predict the upcoming billing cycle and make timely payments. Scheduling a due date that is nearer to the client’s payment run is a smart way to ensure quick and prompt payments. According to an article inTransport Topics, more and more customers are asking their freight companies to extend even longer credit cycles. In some cases, large corporations are requesting up to 120 days to pay.

  • Offering your clients a discount for early payment of their invoices gives them an incentive to pay you sooner by rewarding them for prompt payment.
  • If you are in a position where you have consistent cash flow and you can afford to wait until day 30 to receive payment, net terms can be a viable option for your business.
  • At ProfitBooks, we’ve seen many businesses suffer from late payments due to improper invoice payment terms.
  • This term is used by retailers with large overheads who need time to manage their cash flow before paying.
  • One way to accomplish this is to select invoice payment terms that are favorable to both your company and your clients.

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Payments Due with the Invoice

You might be tempted to mark your invoices with Due upon receipt, which means the customer should pay you immediately. This will not affect existing customer records, only new customer records created from then on will store the new setting. EOMPayment is due at the end of the month in which the invoice is received. Invoice Payment TermTerm DefinitionPIAPayment In Advance; you’re letting your client know you expect them to pay the total amount due for a project upfront, before you begin work.

Quite a few carriers have transitioned to net 7 or pay-on-delivery billing models. Offering any sort of net payment terms can slow down your cash flow, even if your customers are making payments on time. As the name suggests, net 7 is a phrase that means the payment is due within seven days of the date that is listed on the invoice. For instance, if you make a delivery on June 10, 2022, and you invoice your client the same day using net 7 payment terms, the bill is due no later than June 17, 2022.


That said, decisions about net terms in invoicing are and should frequently be conducted on a case-by-case basis. One has been a loyal buyer for several years, always paying invoices on time. The second customer has only been a customer for two months and has already missed two payment deadlines. 2/10 Net 30This is a variation of Net 30 that offers a discount for early payment. This payment term means payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date, but you offer a 2 percent discount off the invoice amount as a reward for paying within 10 days. The final credit terms are accepted when vendors negotiate contracts and receive purchase orders from customers.

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